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Disposition Plan

Our architectural technicians will create the best layout plan in order to optimize your customers' experience while also maximizing venue's seating capacity.


Onsite Measurement

It is essential to take precise measurements on site in order to validate the seating layout before proceeding with the manufacturing process. Our professionals will use the necessary equipment to obtain the most accurate measurements possible.


Creation of Seat Renderings

Our design team can create a realistic rendering of your chosen seat model with the desired finish options. With a quality rendering in hand, you can confidently present your concept and validate its layout in the room before manufacturing.



Whether you require a preliminary, a feasibility validation or a detailed budget, our team can make a projected budget within a short timeframe. Our experts can offer various seating options, accessories and even custom-made solutions to meet your needs and your budget.


Custom Seating Design

Your project requires a completely unique seat model? Our design team will work with you to create a custom seat specifically for your project according to your criteria: shape, materials and fabrics and more.


Seat Samples

Would you like seat samples for your project? We can produce seat samples that reflect your selection of finishes. Contact us for details.


Maintenance Parts

We guarantee the availability of maintenance parts for a period of 20 years following the purchase of your seats. Contact us to place your order.


Project Management

Each Ducharme client is assigned a project manager who will accompany them throughout the process in order to facilitate discussions, decision-making and respect the established deadlines.

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