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Privately owned since 1959, Ducharme has developed an unmatched expertise in designing and manufacturing quality fixed seating for any type of venue looking for highly durable and customizable seating options. Our team of experts has realized hundreds of large-scale seating projects across North America in the fields of performing arts, education, black box, institutional, historical theaters, corporate and more. 

Ethical and Canadian Made

Headquartered in Montreal, UNESCO city of design, Ducharme seating is proud to be recognized as a top craftsmen in the industry, collaborating with Canadian suppliers and sourcing materials designed by people who benefit from optimal working conditions.

Ducharme holds the FSC certification, which represents the company’s commitment to manufacturing products with minimal impact on the environment. Choosing Ducharme as your seating partner is also a valuable LEED source for your project.

Top Quality, without Compromise

Our team handpicks every component of our exclusive seat designs based on its quality and durability, whether it is wood, metal, fabric and even hardware. From self-rising counter-weight gravity return to various technology options, every seating detail is perfected to provide the best experience to your customers. 

For more than 60 years and counting, we have listened to and consulted our clients in order to continuously improve and innovate our seating solutions to anticipate evolving needs in the market.  

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