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Elegant, Quality Seating for Historic Theaters

Harmonize the history of your theater with the design of your seats to ensure that they fit effortlessly into the desired atmosphere.

Ducharme's expertise ensures a complete understanding of the critical challenges involved in renovating your theater's older structure, such as the floors, anchors and balconies. Additionally, our team has the required experience to effectively adapt your seating design to pre-existing site conditions and not the other way around.

Trust our project management team to anticipate the unexpected, meet the standards governing your venue, and facilitate the entire process, from seat design to a seamless installation. 

Custom Seats of Incomparable Value for Money

Our design expertise allows us to meet the needs of the most demanding sites thanks to our tailor-made solutions where the seat finishes harmonize with the cachet of these historic sites, while offering comfort and elegance for a superior experience:

  • Ultra-quiet counterweight seat mechanism
  • Cast iron aisle sign design
  • Custom backrest design to reflect the historic style
  • Bariatric seat design similar to the regular seats
  • Multiple choices of foam density for the seat and backrest
  • Historic style armrest

Try the Comparator

Do you hesitate between two or more seat models? Compare them quickly by adding them to our comparison tool. You will see at a glance their main characteristics and will be able to determine the model that perfectly suits your needs.

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Ducharme Seats for Elegance and a Superior Theater Experience.

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