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Durable Seats for the Healthcare Sector

Our experienced team understands that healthcare furniture must meet very specific requirements. Since 1959, Ducharme has become the reference in specially designed folding seats installed in the waiting rooms of hospitals and medical clinics.

When it comes to furniture for nursing stations or for a wall-mounted or floor folding seat, Ducharme's expertise guarantees durable and custom-made seating that meets every standard in the healthcare field.

Trust our project management team to anticipate the unexpected, meet the standards governing your establishment and facilitate the entire process, from seat design to a seamless installation.

Durable Seats of Incomparable Value for Money

Ducharme seats are renowned for their durability and ease of maintenance. We work with your team to conceptualize your custom seats while respecting your budget:

  • Ultra-quiet counterweight lift mechanism
  • Collection of anti-microbial fabrics
  • Anti-microbial varnish
  • Robust construction that meets the healthcare industry standards

Try the Comparator

Are you hesitating between two or more seat models? Compare them quickly by adding them to our comparison tool. You will see at a glance their main characteristics and will be able to determine the model that perfectly suits your needs.

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Ducharme Seating
The Seating Specialist for the Healthcare Industry.

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