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Comfortable and Sturdy Seats for the Education Sector

Ducharme's quality furniture system is the preferred seating solution of cegeps, colleges, universities and training rooms across North America for over 60 years.

In addition to playing a key role in the student's classroom experience, Ducharme seating will testify to the quality of your educational services through your facilities. Count on our multiple seat models to accommodate the specific needs of your room, regardless of its size or its hyper-use.

Trust our project management team to anticipate the unexpected and facilitate the entire process, from seat design to a seamless installation. 

Quality Seats for Unparalleled Longevity

Ducharme's expertise guarantees that your seats are custom-designed to the exact specifications of your classroom, in addition to offering comfort, minimal maintenance and technological options:

  • Ultra-quiet counterweight seat mechanism
  • Electrification options and integration of USB sockets
  • Panic-certified full-size tablet options
  • A variety of durable finishes and materials
  • Tables built with top quality laminates
  • Collection of premium performance fabrics treated with anti-stain GreenShield

Try the Comparator

Are you hesitating between two or more seat models? Compare them quickly by adding them to our comparison tool. You will see at a glance their main characteristics and will be able to determine the model that perfectly suits your needs.

See the Ducharme Seating Collection

Ducharme Seating
The Benchmark for Quality and Durable Seating.

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To compare seating products, visit our products page and add seats to the comparator.

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