Ducharme Auditorium Performance

As the name suggests this is the ideal product for educational institutions. Comfort, durability and styling are combined with affordability in order to create a chair that is perfect for an auditorium style setting. The Ducharme Auditorium Performance also has relevant applications for places of worship, luxury boxes at sporting venues and performing arts centers looking for a cost effective seating solution.


The seat of choice for the Daytona Speedway our Arena sports chair is the ideal seating solution for either indoor or outdoor sporting venues. Ergonomically designed and made from durable materials the Arena chair is a smart long term investment.


The Maxima is great example of durability and ergonomics perfect for any sports complexes both indoor and outdoor. Capable of going from 0 to comfortable in 2 seconds the Maxima is also applicable for amphitheaters and auditoriums and boasts a design that is easy to install.


Ergonomically designed for maximum enjoyment and with applications in sports venues, auditoriums and places of worship the COMFORT chair is a truly versatile product. A staple in the Ducharme product line the COMFORT chair has continued to evolve with many options for customization.


The Versatile chair was expertly designed for use in multi purpose facilities where choice and adaptability are essential. Whatever the venue, this series responds to change in event and capacity requirements. The collapsible model is ideal for gymnasiums allowing for seating reconfiguration based on the type of sport being played.