Performing Arts

Ducharme Theatre Arté

The Ducharme Theatre Arté chair will enhance the enjoyment of any theatre, PAC or auditorium presentation. Recognized for its comfort level and refined design the Ducharme Theatre Arté will enhance the overall look of the venue to the point of being considered part of the artistic performance.


The Mississauga is the perfect basis for design for any theatre or performing arts center. With its air circulation diffuser center standard the Mississauga is made for locations that want a temperature controlled environment while maintained acoustic purity.


Compact comfort best describes the Kinetic chair. Designed to form the smallest possible envelope when not in use, the Kinetic chair is a marvel of design. When not in use the seat bottom folds up, the seat back slides down and the arm rests pivot upwards. This forward thinking design helps maximize floor space while not compromising on comfort.


In our tradition of assuring comfort, this elegant seat has been designed to exude a bold, clean aesthetic chair with superb fit and finishing detail. The uncompromising quality and comfort of the TRISTAN blend with its modern look and clean lines.

Versatile Theatre

A sleek and scaled down design the Versatile Theatre offers a great combination of comfort, audience capacity and value. The Versatile Theatre proves that great things come in small envelopes.


A royal addition to the Ducharme lineup the Regent is a true throne among chairs and has quickly become one of our most popular selections for theatres, performing arts centers and auditoriums. Wood flat panel technology and seat comfort are two characteristics that help the Regent achieve high desirability in the theatre chair category.


Characterized by a sleek design, contemporary lines and a state of the art counterweight mechanism the Aristocrat represents the evolution of the fixed seating industry. Beautiful and durable the Aristocrat is a great choice for high traffic venues.