Ducharme Auditorium Performance

As the name suggests this is the ideal product for educational institutions. Comfort, durability and styling are combined with affordability in order to create a chair that is perfect for an auditorium style setting. The Ducharme Auditorium Performance also has relevant applications for places of worship, luxury boxes at sporting venues and performing arts centers looking for a cost effective seating solution.

Key Features

  • Injection molded seat pan, back and arm rests
  • Flat, sloped or tiered installation
  • Overall chair height 34”
  • Chair with options: 19” 20” 21” 22” 23”
  • Three back rest angles 15 17 19
  • Counterweight uplift seat mechanism


Will be built to client’s specifications. Anti-panic tablet. LED aisle lights. Seat and row lettering. ADA capability. Bariatric capability. Cup holders.

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