• NEW STADIA chair for outdoor applications
  • NEW Kinetics chair for tight row to row spacing
  • NEW anti panic writing tablet
  • Montreal Symphony Orchestra, Montreal, QC, Summer 2011
  • Burlington PAC, Burlington, ON, Spring 2011
  • Thomas Jefferson Independence Day School, St Louis, MO, Spring 2011
  • Lawrence University, Appleton, WI
  • Carlton University, Ottawa, ON
  • Talladega Speedway, Talladega, AL
  • Sony Center for the Performing Arts, Toronto, ON
  • Kentucky Motor Speedway, Sparta, KY
  • University of Montreal Pavillion Jean Brillant, Montreal, QC

Ured Architecture
Issues: Cost, aesthetics, image, customization
Drivers: Open communication amongst stakeholders, lead time guarantees
Application: Theatre, Performance Arts

185 Versatile seats installed

Welcome to Ducharme Seating. Since 1959 we have been providing spectator seating solutions for a wide range of venues, including arenas, theaters, stadiums, concert halls, and auditoriums.

We are also well known for our expertise in resolving fixed seating requirements for the Institutional Market: schools, colleges and universities; libraries; places of worship; healthcare facilities and military bases.

Our reputation for excellence is based upon our ability to identify and respond to facility challenges by providing custom product solutions whose attractive, functional designs are also recognized for their unparalleled durability.

Every day, audiences throughout North America experience a heightened appreciation for the performances of athletes, artists and educators while sitting comfortably in Ducharme seats in facilities designed and built by our customers.

We provide. Performance seating.